Operation Underworld



A Paranormal Romance series co-authored by Elise Marion & Carly Fall

Vampires. Demons. Shape Shifters.

These supernatural beings co-exist in our world, living alongside the unknowing humans. As long as we are able to co-exist in harmony, no intervention is necessary.

But when these creatures step out of line, Operation Underworld must step in to intervene … because sometimes regular law enforcement just won’t do.

Melody & Mateo Books 1-3 by Elise Marion

Melody and Mateo Collage

Book 1: Fight for Vengeance 

Book 2: Fight for Freedom 

Book 3: Fight for Love 

Connor and Sami Books 1-3 by Carly Fall

three books plain

Book 1: A Touch of Blood

Book 2: A Touch of Love 

Book 3: A Touch of Death (Release date TBA)

More to come!