Masquerade Series

Books are listed in series order.

coverBook 1: The Valentine’s Masquerade

Anything can happen in one night…
Xavier and Toni are not looking for love. The scars of the past have caused them both to shy away from the one thing that has caused them both nothing but heartbreak and misery…love.
When their paths cross, the attraction and chemistry are undeniable, but neither is willing to allow their connection to grow past a single kiss. They part ways, intending to never see each other again, with nothing more than the memory of an earth-shattering meeting of lips.
When they meet again at the annual Valentine’s Day Masquerade Ball, they are once again confronted with their burning desires for one another. The masquerade, an event where the rich and elite gather to revel in their sinful urgings while hidden behind masks, is the perfect setting for seduction.
This time, one kiss just isn’t enough. And so, a proposition is made: one night of passion. One night to lose themselves in the magic of the most romantic night of year and then they could part ways again, this time for good. No obligations; no strings attached.

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The New Years MasqueradeBook 2: The New Year’s Masquerade

Orlando Sanchez is a player. “No strings attached” is the motto of his life, and even when his best friend and wingman gets married, he doesn’t intend for that to change. Women are trouble and the only one he cares to spend time with is Sasha, who’s quickly become his friend and confidant. But a rash decision and a night of mindless passion makes their relationship complicated, causing Orlando to face his fears of commitment head on and to consider all he’s been missing out on in life.

Sasha is in love with Orlando and has been since they met. She knows she’s not his type. The bad boy would surely break her heart, yet she can’t help but want more than friendship. After Orlando calls their night together a mistake, Sasha is determined to show him that it wasn’t. At a New Year’s Masquerade party, Sasha throws her insecurities and inhibitions aside in one last attempt to show Orlando that they belong together. When the clock strikes midnight, Orlando will face a decision. Will his kiss ring in the New Year with the promise of a new future? Or will Orlando run, using his bachelor lifestyle and player ways as a shield against everything he thought he never wanted?

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  1. Thank you El use for the new year gift. I will be reading both books in this series and thinking of you stuffing and guzzling your way through this new year. I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world for 2016. Lyn

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