Chained Trilogy

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BoundebookBook Two: Bound

She bound him in chains … he repaid her in kind … now she is bound to him, in more ways than one.
Caden Maignart must choose a wife and sire a son—a burden weighing heavily upon him as the firstborn son of a high lord. Weighing even more heavily is the notion of impending war, which has become a near certainty thanks to the volatile feud brewing between two families entrenched in hate. Caden knows that the key to mending things between their families lies in Lady Gwendolyn Toustain, the daughter of his family’s mortal enemies, but earning her trust will prove to be an uphill battle.

Gwen trusted Caden to help her convince his father that she was not the one who broke the peace between their two houses … a mistake that led to her becoming his prisoner. All hope is lost when it comes to forging peace between their houses; unless she relents and agrees to marry her captor. While passion and desire led her into Caden’s trap, Gwen is not certain she can bring herself to become his prisoner for life—in the bonds of holy matrimony.
Yet, the kingdom of Alemere is at stake, as are the lives of people they both love. Caden and Gwen will be forced to forge a path toward peace—not only within the realm, but within their complicated and volatile bond.

When the line becomes blurred between captor and captive, who will be the first to bend?

The Daleraian_EbookBook 1 of the Chained novellas

Lynet Giffard’s mixed blood has made her a foreigner among her own people. She has spent her entire life striving to appear quiet, demure, and subservient in an attempt to keep from drawing scrutiny. All that changes when she encounters Sir Jarin Maignart. He is an enemy of her people, and a treasonous murderer—yet those facts mean nothing when she uncovers the complex man inside. Her people scorn her for caring for him, yet no other man has ever seen her as more than a half-breed oddity. With hi, she blossoms into the kind of woman she always wished she could be.

Jarin knows he has done nothing to deserve Lynet’s love. A traitor and usurper, he has taken lives unjustly and committed treason against the realm. Yet, in Lynet he sees redemption and dares to hope he can become a better man. When a deadly plot against his family is uncovered, Jarin will face a choice between saving his own skin, or suffering the consequences of disobeying the terms of his banishment by returning home to set things right. Can the sullied knight atone for his sins and become worthy of forgiveness and love?

WB.Ebook.AmazonBook 2 of the Chained Novellas: The last thing Leofred Toustain ever wanted was to be tied in marriage to the daughter of an enemy lord. Yet, when a peace treaty is forged in an attempt to mend the war-torn realm of Alemere that is precisely what he is faced with. To add insult to injury, the bride chosen for him is a sullen, silent shell of a woman who recoils from his every attempt at intimacy. Resigned to his fate, he strives to at least form a friendship of sorts with her. In the process, he will discover that there is far more to the woman he married than meets the eye.

After a harrowing incident left her broken and hideously scarred, Lady Emery Calliot fully intended to avoid marriage. However, when her only living male relative and guardian signs her life away in a peace treaty, she is left with no other choice. Determined to keep her scars—both physical and internal—a secret, she seeks to place as much distance between herself and Leofred as possible. Yet, the more time she spends with her new husband, the harder hiding from him becomes. Emery will face a daunting decision: reveal her scars and the dark secret accompanying them to her husband and risk his disgust and scorn, or bare her secrets and find acceptance, love, and perhaps, the strength she needs to become whole again.

THebookBook 3 of the Chained Novellas: Widowed and pregnant with her deceased husband’s child, Lady Josaine Toustain faces an uncertain future. Her position as lady of Seahaven hangs in the balance as the birth of her child looms near. If she bears a daughter, her husband’s title will pass on to his younger brother. If she bears a son, he will be raised to rule Seahaven and its lands in his sire’s place. Amidst her pain and grief, Josaine finds comfort in friendship with her brother-in-law, Achart Toustain. However, when it becomes clear that their feelings for one another have changed from those of friendship to those of desire, she cannot help but feel she has betrayed her husband.

Achart never coveted his brother’s position, yet finds himself thrust into the role of lord after his death. Nevertheless, he is determined that one thing his brother had shall never be his … no matter how badly he might want her. His impending arranged marriage—sealed in a peace agreement with an enemy lord—cannot happen fast enough to suit him. If he is wed to another, he will not be tempted to claim the woman he has no right to desire or love. Achart will soon learn that even the ghost of his brother and a marriage of convenience could ever be enough to cleanse him of his need for Josaine.

FreedEbookBook 3: Freed

Hate divided them. Love united them. Now, war may tear them apart.

Peace between Daleraia and Dinasdale was hard won, achieved at a heavy cost. Yet, the alliance of two powerful families will hold the realm of Almere together, led by the example of Gwen and Caden Maignart, whose marriage marked the beginning of the treaty and resulting efforts to men a broken kingdom once again. Ravaged lands are being restored, tumultuous relationships have found firm footing, and two clans once torn asunder by war will discover common ground. All is well as the newly-wedded couple returns to Minas Bothe to take up their seats as High Lord and Lady of Daleraia.

However, a foe they counted as defeated will rise again, putting at risk everything they have fought for. New alliances are made, with battle lines clearly drawn. A war they once thought avoidable now becomes inevitable. Prepared to fight to preserve the new alliance, Caden and Gwen will find themselves at the forefront as the entire kingdom turns to them for leadership. With everything and everyone important to them in peril, can they rise to the occasion and bring a war-torn realm back together once and for all? 

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  1. I’ve only read Chained and Bound, but I loved them so much! It’s like Game of Thrones, except with only three families. It completely drew me in! I can’t wait to read the third book!!

    1. Hi Kamisha, so glad you’ve enjoyed the series so far. I am a huge GOT fan, so having my work compared is so elating. thank you! :)

    1. Hello Shay,
      Right now I do not have an official release date. I’m currently working on a novella about Gwen’s brother, Achart, after which I will tie up book 3. It will be later this year, but for now there’s no official date.
      Make sure you sign up for my newsletter. That’s the best way to keep up with what’s going on :)

    1. Hi Molly,
      If you’d like to be emailed when book 3 comes out, please make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter. You can sign up by going to the home page of this site, and clicking the button to enter your email address.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi I just started your chained series love it but I can’t find The Heir Archarts story anywhere:( sad face where can I find it pleeeeeaAassssseeeee

    1. Hi there,
      I experienced a big delay in getting my books ready for release last year, so I’m scrambling to catch up. The Heir is almost finished, and I hope to publish it in May.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. I am dying to read book three! I don’t want to rush you because you are a great author but aaaaaahhhhhhh! I’ve read them 4 times hoping I will lose interest but it only made me want it more. Praise to the brilliant writer you are!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and showing love to the Chained books! I’m working on getting the final book done, and I hope you’ll love it as much as you have the others.

  4. I have read all of the chained trilogy published so far are you any closer to releasing freed, I have had 3 full days of page turning fun but desperate to read the last one.
    Kind regards

  5. Enjoyed all for the books in this series so far
    I have to read 3more to complete the series
    Even though there are brutal scenes it also protrays the human aspects of the leaders
    You feel the warmth and love between the various characters as their relationship matures
    You also appreciate the strength of the female characters as they protect their love ones

    1. Thanks for getting in touch, so glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the series. Yes, there is definitely some brutality, but I felt it was fitting with the Medieval times it is set in. I’m glad the compassionate and loving nature of the characters comes through … I definitely wanted readers to connect with them.
      Thanks so much.

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