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I first picked up a pen with with dreams of writing at the age of 12. Sitting at a little desk in front of my bedroom window, I wrote (by hand with pencil and paper) my first novel. It wasn’t very good, but I’d never been more proud of anything in my life. I’ve been writing ever since, and have found a love of romantic stories both sweet and sensual.

When I’m not wrangling my three rambunctious kids, or spending time with my retired Army husband, Β I’m stretching the imagination with stories of people from all walks of life (and worlds) falling in love.

I love coffee, chocolate, music (listening and singing), shoes, jewelry, and food! I am always in the kitchen whipping up something new or watching the pros do it on TV. You can often find my characters eating or cooking something delish and sucking down mass quantities of coffee.


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26 thoughts on “About Me/Contact

  1. Hi Elise :)

    I just read your book.. My Ex Wife’s Wedding :) Good book.

    Thank you,
    Can’t wait to read more of your books.
    Have a Blessed Day


    1. Stephanie,
      Glad to hear you enjoyed My Ex Wife’s Wedding! I do hope you’ll read and enjoy the others as well!

  2. Loved The Third Son. I’m anxious to read the sequels. This is the first and only book of yours that i have read, thus far. I plan on reading more. I’m curious to read about Serge’s story.
    Thank you for the introduction

    1. Queen,
      How lovely of you to say! I am so glad you enjoyed The Third Son, and hope you get a chance to read and enjoy the other books in the series as well!

  3. Hi Elise,

    Felt it was essential for me to say how impressed and in awe I was from The Third Son. As an aspiring writer, you are a definite inspiration because of the characters and emotional participation demanded from the reader. Not ashamed to admit I shed plenty of tears and this wasn’t the first time either. I read The Third Son a few years ago and had to re read as it came across my mind recently.

    Looking forward to The Second Son! :)

    1. Hi Fahmeen! Thanks so much for your kind words. That story has been, and always will be, special to me. I’m glad it has resonated with you, even so long after you first read it.
      Best of luck with your own writing,

  4. I loved Chained! This is the first book of yours that I’ve read, looking forward to the next one!! I think these books would make a great movie! Imagine the scenery and the scoring and costumes!! Please, please, please try to make it happen!!!……I’ll waite

  5. I just signed up for your newsletter! I’m excited to see what you have up your sleeve! As a woman of color it’s nice to read about people who look like me, the feelings and the emotions and discourse don’t seem awkward or false. To have beautiful black woman and handsome, strong black men fall in love. I love this genre of romance (historical), nice to be represented in it!!

    1. Hi again,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Being a woman of color as well, I know exactly how you feel. We deserve representation (especially in historical and fantasy genres), and I’m happy to be a part of offering that. Thanks for reading :)

  6. I have been enthralled by Chained and Bound. I love the action and passion. I especially like the interracial nature of the series.

  7. Hi could you please tell me when the third guardians book will be published, and could you please use dates as i live western australia and not sure of yourseasons

    1. Hi Margaret,
      I cannot give you a date yet, as the book is not finished and I’m not certain yet when it will release. I’m working on it at the moment, so I’m hoping to release around May/June.

  8. Hello Elise,
    I just read “Chanined”. It was an awesome book! I loved the intrigue and steamy love scenes, you wove a beautiful story of which I can’t wait to continue in the next book, “Bound”. Worthy to note is your ability to take the reader there with your descriptive words. If I closed my eyes I could really picture the scenes or places you’d described without fault.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed Chained and also hope you enjoy Bound.

    1. They’ll become available where all the other books are sold once they’ve been publish. I had a personal issue that delayed my releases the last two years. I’m working to get caught up and hope to release them soon.

  9. Just bought the Saints Grove series.. I cant wait to start reading! Number 12 was 2.99 but I bought it anyway. I wanted them all no matter!!

  10. how may books are in the The Guardians Series: The Guardians (The Guardians, #1), The Seal (The Guardians, #2), The Nephilim (The Guardians #3) ???

  11. Hi Elise. Have just read all FIVE books in the Kings of Cardenas Series and really enjoyed them. Loved what you did with Davina in The Mistress – shows there is good in everyone!!! I hope you will continue writing more in this series or similar. Just downloaded The Daleraian: so will let you know how I enjoy this one. Thanks again. Cheers, Carol D.

    1. Hi Carol,
      So glad to hear you enjoyed the KOC series. The Mistress is one of my favorites of the series … I really enjoyed finding a bit of redemption for her. I hope you also download The Daleraian.

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