Taking A Step Back

So, already I’m preparing myself for the storm of disappointment this post may cause. I want to apologize in advance because I promised that the final installment of the Kings of Cardenas series would be out around Christmastime. Yes, I am writing this post to announce a delay. I hope that you won’t be too disappointed. I think once The Gypsy is completed and released, you will guys will have thought of it as being worth the wait.

Many things happened to derail my writing schedule this year, including the birth of Baby M. My third pregnancy, for some reason, was the hardest of them all and there were issues toward the end that were distracting and as well as shaking. Writing is such an emotionally draining process, and sometimes when your real life sucks up so much of your own energy and emotion, you find yourself dry when it comes time to put words to page.

Of course now Baby M is 4 months old and perfectly healthy and happy. But not long after his birth, some of you may remember me posting on my Facebook page about my husband being admitted to the hospital with some medical problems. And we are not talking a minor problem here, people. We’re talking about potentially life threatening problems that my family is still working through. Once again, I’ve found myself drained and stretched a bit thin between writing, promoting what I’ve written, as well as being a wife to a sick husband and mother to children who aren’t quite old enough to understand what’s happened. Aside from that my own struggle with migraines over the last couple of months have only added to my stress.

It wasn’t until the other day that I realized I was stressed about about sitting down to write. It would occur to me that I hadn’t written in days when I used to be able to write every day. It would bother and upset me, especially when I have so much to say and so many stories to be told. I realized that putting myself under so much strain to finish this book has taken the joy out of the experience. It is for that reason that I’ve decided to take a step back for the rest of the year and regroup. I plan to spend the month of December reading, catching up on all the great new movies I’ve missed out on this year, spending time with my husband and kids and really reflecting on the reason I do what I do.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, via social media, this blog or my monthly newsletters, you know that I endeavor to tell my stories in the best way and that I am a perfectionist. Even now, I find myself reading over my first books and thinking of ways they could be improve. It is because I want to write the best story possible, that I do this. I don’t make this decision lightly. I feel that if I were to continue pushing myself to finish The Gypsy, the book would suffer for it, and I would let you down. And that is something I never want to do. Please believe, Desmond’s story WILL be told. I already know how it is going to end, and I plan to use this story to give more closure to other stories from the series. You will get your happy ending and I think you will be pleased with how I’ve chosen to complete the series. I just ask that you give me the time to get where I need to be so I can get the story just right for you. Because it’s for you that I write these stories, my wonderful readers, who are the best fans I could have ever asked for.


I hope to start the new year refreshed and ready to finish this last story before moving on to some new ones. I thank you for being part of my journey and for your understanding and love. You guys rock the most!


All my love,




3 thoughts on “Taking A Step Back

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about all you are going thru, I’m in love with K.O.C series so I was looking forward to The Gypsy, but as a wife and mother that comes first, you and your family will be in my prayers, and I wish you the best,.may you have a wonderful holiday season, and when its the right time for you to start writing again you will know! Thank you for your books, love them, and I will be patiently waiting for The Gypsy! #huge fan
    Lynn. 😉

  2. :) 😀 Health comes first Elise, so take breaks and all the time necessary for your family’s and your well being. Your fans want the best for you and will wait. I mean I know I have dozens and dozens of things I could do while I wait for your next books so I’ll use my time wisely until you’re ready. :)

  3. Lady Elise,

    It is the life pressure that we self impose that lead to our downfall. You are a talented multi-tasking woman who needs to accept the female issue that there is no SUPERWOMAN because even she had opposition. Relax and enjoy your family. This will give you time to sort, purge and create. Much respect for your talent and I can wait until you bring your clarity and focus into perspective. Team Elise I am!

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