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Latest Release: Melody and Mateo

Melody and Mateo Collage

Melody and Mateo is a trilogy of paranormal romances, part of the Operation Underworld series, co-written with author Carly Fall. Click the links below to find each story at all ebook retailers.

Fight for Vengeance…

When a mysterious invitation turns up on his doorstep, FBI Agent Mateo Garcia’s eyes are opened to a brand new world—one he never could have imagined, even in his worst nightmares. ‘The Satanist’—a suspect he’s been after for the past year—is actually a demon, and there’s only one way to bring him down: join Operation Underworld, a secret organization dedicated to policing paranormal entities.

What he doesn’t expect is Melody Frank, a waitress working at a club frequented by ‘The Satanist’ and his followers. The attraction that sparks between them can’t be denied, but Mateo is after vengeance. He can’t afford to lose his head over a woman. However, Melody’s secrets run deeper than he knows. Before long, what she’s hiding begins to his intertwine with case, making it impossible for him to separate business from pleasure.

Fight for Freedom…

After discovering the dark secrets of Melody’s past, Mateo is finding it hard to turn his back on her. Nothing in her world is as it seems, and as he begins to untangle the web connecting her to the suspects he’s fighting to bring down, it becomes clear that she needs his help. It’s not long before his mission to save her from danger develops into something more. What began as a quest for vengeance is now a fight for freedom, leaving Mateo wondering if there could be a future for him with Melody in it. But first things first … he has to free her from her demon-possessed crime-boss boyfriend, while taking down his entire business and keeping her safe in the process.

Fight for Love…

Now that Melody’s crime boss boyfriend is out of the way, nothing came come between her and Mateo … except perhaps a deranged killer out for blood and revenge. When The Naphil kidnaps Melody right out from under his nose, Mateo will stop at nothing to get her back. In the process, he will come face to face with the man who destroyed his life. Only one of them can walk away from the confrontation alive and Mateo is resolved that it isn’t going to be him.